We help you to find your doctoral supervisor

Are you about to finish your studies or are you already graduating and would you like to continue your academic career? Anyone seeking a career in scientific research usually can not avoid a doctoral thesis. But doctoral degrees are also often required for the achievement of leadership positions in the private sector. In order for your doctoral thesis to be a success, the search for a suitable doctoral supervisor or doctoral doctor is at the beginning of your doctoral studies. If you would like help with the choice of a chair and a mentor for your area of ​​expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make you a non-binding offer!

Find the doctoral supervisor at your own university

If you are still studying and want to do your PhD at the university you studied, the search for a PhD supervisor can be relatively easy. You are already familiar with the faculty of your faculty and probably have already obtained examinations from one or the other. You may even be able to write your dissertation with the lecturer who has also assessed your master’s thesis or diploma thesis.

As a rule, a doctoral thesis may only be supervised by professors or private lecturers, ie those lecturers who hold a university title higher than the one you are aiming for. However, many professors are already quite “fully booked”: they supervise a whole series of dissertations and may therefore have little or no time for another doctoral candidate. A PhD is usually a lengthy business and needs a lot of energy and motivation from your side. Of course, you want a carer who can be approached despite long intervals for you with questions and problems. We recommend that you seek a personal interview with the lecturer concerned. A direct conversation is generally more promising than a written request by e-mail. If your chosen lecturer does not have time to supervise your dissertation, we recommend that you think about an external dissertation at another university in addition to the internal alternatives at your university.

How to Find a Doctoral Supervisor for an External Dissertation

If you have already completed your studies and have entered the profession, you can usually only perform an external dissertation. In concrete terms, this means that you need to find a professor to accept you as a doctoral student at his chair. You are not limited to the state in which you live: You can apply for an external dissertation nationwide.

If you entrust us with the search for a suitable doctoral supervisor for your dissertation project, we will first have a detailed discussion with you. We would like to find the best doctoral supervisor for you and we need as much information from you as possible for this project. In addition to your fields of study and your degree, the focus will be on the professional field in which you work, the research area in which you wish to do your doctorate, and your own ideas for a possible doctoral thesis topic. Equipped with this information, our experts will search Germany for your doctoral supervisor.

We start our search in the departments of each university. Depending on your field of study, any minor subjects and your desired topic, the selection of possible universities and professors may be larger or smaller. The Internet sites of the universities and the professors often give an indication as to whether your subject or one that might be of interest to you could be accommodated in the research area of ​​the respective university. In addition to internal calls for applications for doctoral theses and doctoral theses, various Internet portals also provide a good overview of topics and research areas for which doctoral candidates are sought. So if you are open to ideas on the topic of your doctoral thesis, it may be. be easier to find a supervisor than if you have already committed to a specific topic.

We support you in convincing your doctoral supervisor

As soon as we have completed our search for suitable professors, we make a pre-selection, which we then evaluate together with you. On the basis of the field of knowledge on which the professors primarily research, their publications and their presence in higher education, we consider which professor is better or worse suited for the doctorate as a doctoral supervisor. If you have made a choice together with our employees, we of course also help you complete the application process with your doctoral supervisor and put your doctoral thesis on track. Even if the respective professor has not rejected your application, you must convince him of your academic qualities in a second step – before you start the actual doctoral thesis. This includes the formulation of an interesting topic with a research-relevant question, an exposé and possibly already a first outline and a time or work plan.

Many professors have little time to look after doctoral students, especially if they are doing their doctorate externally. Therefore it makes sense to convince the PhD supervisor already in the pre-phase that you can work independently and need little care. We would be happy to work out with you not only the central question of your proposed topic, but also formulate initial working hypotheses, which you can discuss in the preliminary discussion with your supervisor. A detailed breakdown shows that you are well-versed in working in a structured manner and already have a precise idea of ​​your research project. If your prospective doctoral supervisor requests an exposé, we will help you to raise the level of research and to write the exposé. In addition, our authors also undertake research work related to preparing for the doctorate

What your dissertation topic has to do with your supervisor

The dissertation topic is very closely linked with your doctoral supervisor. Today, more and more university graduates are seeking a doctorate. Therefore, apart from the basic prerequisite of a good diploma, master’s or master’s degree, it is also of great importance to conduct research in a subject area that suits your doctoral supervisor. Often, the professors only accept doctoral candidates who help to advance their own research within the framework of the doctorate. If your proposed topic does not coincide exactly with one of these professors, it may be useful in such a case to name the intended area of ​​research, but to remain open to the specific topic. Our staff will look for professors who are experts in their field and either offer topics for PhD theses or are ready to accept a Ph.D. student with an interesting and research-related topic. If you e.g. If you have access to modern research facilities or have important contacts through your workplace, many professors’ chances of success will increase immensely, as they can also benefit from your research opportunities in such a case.

But the opposite way can lead to success: You have already worked out an idea for your dissertation topic? We help you to summarize and optimize your research results and elaborations in the form of an exposé. This can open one or the other door during our search for a suitable professor. However, what we can not do for you is the personal interview with the professor of your choice. Should he serve you for the duration of your doctorate, you will be in regular contact with him. The first personal conversation can already set the course for cooperation, because equally important the academic reputation of your PhD supervisor is the chemistry between you and your supervisor. Of course, you are also prepared to prepare for such an interview.